1st WNZW 2018:Rookies Can Rock

1st WNZW Highligts

Keynote Speakers
Alexia Hilbertidou

The Boss

Alexia Hilbertidou

Alexia was a National finalist for the Eureka Science Competition, and at 17, she was the youngest person to lead a research project at the New Zealand Treasury. At 18, she was selected by the US Embassy and NASA for the NASA Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) 2017 Southern Deployment. Her company, Girlboss, aims to develop future focussed science, technology, engineering, maths and entrepreneurship ability in young women.
Alexias passion for gender equity is why she was named a Top 30 Global Teen Leader, a Top 5 Young Leader by the Ministry of Youth Development, The Most Creative in Education at the Accenture &Idealog Creative Awards, and the most influential New Zealand woman under the age of 25 at the Westpac Women of Influence Awards.

Wicki Huang

The Negotiator

Wicki Huang

Director within the Deals team of PwC

Wicki has extensive experience in advising clients in transactions that lead to merger and acquisition or disposal across both New Zealand and China. She is an Associate Director within the Deals team of PricewaterhouseCoopers New Zealand.
Since joining the NZ team in 2010, she has worked closely with a number of NZ and international clients and has led numerous due diligence and advisory engagements.

Yashuang Gao

The Engineer

Dr. Yashuang (Song)Gao

Light metals research centre manager – China, Principal Engineer

Song has 13 yearsexperience in research and development, technical support, new technology development and project management for the primary aluminium smelting industry.She manages the projects and clients for centres Business in China. Song also leads the design, development and implementation of Gen3 Potline Control and Management System for LMRC. This allows her to gain significant experience of managing complex projects which involves team members from multiple parties with very different cultures. She works effectively and directly with smelter staff from the operators to general managers.

Camellia Yang

The Communicator

Camellia Yang

Westpac Digital Communications Manager

Camellia has 10 years experiences in public relations and communications industry. She is familiar with both New Zealand and Chinese business culture and is specialized in developing marketing and communication strategy for China market.
Camellia is also the founder of Y Media Limited, providing content marketing and business solution consultancy services to SMEs. She is a blogger and Podcast Host in her spare time with more than 8,000+ online followers.
Camellia has worked as a journalist at Skykiwi.com, Social media specialist at Air New Zealand and acted as a Head of Media at Student Association when she was in university.

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