NZ China Young Leaders Forum

NZCYF has taken the initiative to host the “New Zealand-China Young Leaders Forum” together with NZ Ministry of Youth Development and the Overseas Chinese Association, which enables the young leaders from all walks of life to connect and collaborate.

G-Toolbox Mini Forum

G-Toolbox Mini Forum provides a platform for young professionals and young entrepreneurs to connect to a wider community who shares the best practices in the industry. The existing partners for the G-Toolbox Forum are Spark Business Tamaki, Auckland Council, Immigration New Zealand, Auckland Chamber of Commerce and EMA.

Enviro-Protection Project

Tiritiri Matangi Island Volunteer Project encompasses regular events to help the island with everyday maintenance activities, which will improve theenviro-protection awareness of the participating volunteers, and at the same time increase the presence and engagement of the young Chinese in events as such in New Zealand.




2016年第五期 “工聚合:求职移民微论坛” 圆满落幕

由新西兰中华青年联合会主办,Spark Business Tamaki赞助支持的第五期“工聚合:求职移民微论坛”圆满落幕。





Strive to build a bridge of friendship between the young Chinese people and young Kiwis


NZCYF is a non-profit NGO;


We youth connect the future of New Zealand and China. At NZCYF, we share the same values and do everything voluntarily. Being a volunteer would not only change others’ lives but also reshape yourselves. Start your journey to help others and live your life to the fullest.


NZCYF brings together a powerful network of NZ leaders and professionals;

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NZCYF offers a platform which connects you with the mainstream and Kiwi culture. There is no shortcut to success. But you can save some time if you know the right person.


NZCYF is a friend you can always turn to;


NZCYF is a big family. When you are in need, there will always be a helping hand out there. We cherish friendship and embrace growth together.


NZCYF cares about you as we all love our motherland;

When you’re facing difficulties in terms of inequality and discriminations, NZCYF is able to help you reaching the related organisation and department. We will back you up so that you are not on your own. At the same time, we will protect China’s national dignity against insults.

We believe in the power of youth! We believe in the positive mindset!

Be brave, no matter what happens; be strong, both physical and mental; care and share, as you are not alone; fight for success while we’re young!